Zoning Solutions

Can’t Sleep in the Heat? MetroAir has the Solution!

ZoneFirst System Installation in Brampton ON

Cool down your Top Floor without freezing your basement
  • Get a good night’s sleep upstairs
  • Lower your utility costs year-round
  • Stop wasting money cooling your basement
  • Comfort for each floor of your home
Finally, you can control the temperature Floor by Floor with a complete ZoneFirst system!

ZoneFirst forces the cooling energy upstairs to where you need it most.

The Summer Heat is here, and with it, sweltering heat on your top floor. What to do?
  • We know you’ve tried to close off the vents in the basement.
  • We know you’ve considered a larger AC unit.
  • We know you’ve tried sleeping in the basement.

But nothing has worked. Until now, Finally, there’s a solution.

Call Pinnacle Group and let us help you enjoy the summer months!

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